Hot Mama: Marina Benipayo in Editorial for Philippine Tatler Magazine (July 2011)

12:12 PM

"Cougar Town"
PH: Frank Hoefsmit
Creative Director: Anton San Diego

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  1. ang ganda ni mamang..

  2. Been googling who menchu wu is in real life...nobody knows her here in LA...she is so classy,and her elegance just captivates as all... she's like wine !

  3. So she is Marina Benipayo, thats why she's extraordinarily different ...classy yet sassy and boy! she's a natural as Menchu Wu ,one of the reasons why we watch Binondo Girl on TFC. more of her please ,we just love to see her beautiful face,grace and wackiness! more power Ms. Menchu!!

  4. Hi Ms Menchu, doyou have a stylist? who? you just look great in whatever you're wearing! you look cool and funny, I hope to see you in person when I'm able to go on a vacation in the Phils.,hope you don't mind. I am your avid fan in My Binondo Girl!

  5. Amazing pics, wow , Menchu Wu makes me laugh with her punchlines in My Binondo Girl. She's got a rili positive Attitude in and off cam im sure. I remember her role as one of the vampires in The movie Guwapings First Adventure back in 1991.